Pre Purchase Property InspectionAs this will be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, you’ll want to make sure that you’re putting your money into a property that allows you to get a good return on investment.

Just like when you purchase an used car, you’ll naturally want to have peace of mind that you’re not buying a ‘lemon’ – i.e. you don’t want to put a deposit on a house that ends up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars in repair work (unless this is part of your budget plan).

To ensure that you don’t buy a “lemon”, you’ll want to invest in a pre purchase property inspection.  What is a pre purchase property inspection you may ask? Take a look below.

what is a pre purchase property inspection?

Did you know that you could be putting your hard earned money into a property that is full of issues and faults that are invisible to the naked eye? That’s right! You can look through a property you’re interested in all you like, but you really won’t be able to tell any underlining and hidden issues it may have.

With a pre purchase property inspection, a professional and qualified property inspector will visit your property and access each and every single aspect of the home. This can include thermal imaging reports which can find any leaks hidden in the walls or roof of the home.

Although you will have to spend extra on this pre purchase property inspection, you can actually end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in the future – an investment many would argue is definitely worth making!

So if you’ve found a great house in Melbourne that you want to purchase for your rental property, make sure you use common sense and order a pre purchase property inspection from a local, qualified professional first.