Rules & Regulations

Click here to download a copy of the Regatta Rules PDFThe success of the event always depended on the skills and enthusiasm of the sailors and as years went by, the quality of both the boats and their drivers improved. The National Family Island Regatta is about competition and excellence; sailors are pitted against one another in extreme competition that tests skill and endurance. The racing rules dictate that the sailing vessels must be designed, built and sailed by a Bahamian. There are also strict restrictions on the building materials used in order to keep these boats as closely related to their traditional origins as possible.
Although the world of sailing has changed in many ways, the National Island Family Regatta in Elizabeth Harbour, George Town is one of the last places to see sailing vessels crafted in the unique Bahamian tradition. Standing on the shores of Elizabeth Harbour and witnessing the arrival of a traditional Bahamian schooner is a wondrous event not to be forgotten. Not only is the National Island Family Regatta a fun-filled week bursting with excitement, but it is also a unique opportunity to partake in Bahamian history – a history that every islander is proud of.
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The rules were last revised April, 2011.


A Poem

The Exumas
Sail her down, sail her down,
Sail her down to George Town.
Highborne Cay the first: we see,
Yellow Bank is by the lee.
Harvey Cay is in the moon,
Farmers Gay is coming soon.
Now we come to Galliot,

Out in the ocean we must go,
Children’s Bay is passing fast,
Stocking Island came at last.
Nassau gal is all behind,
George Town gal is on my mind.
A wiggle and a giggle and a jamboree,
Great Exuma is the place for me!
Exuma Islands Poem

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